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Tire Blowouts and Other Motor Vehicle Defects

Corpus Christi Injury Lawyers

Accidents resulting from defective vehicles account for more than 3% of all fatal accidents in Texas each year. Unreasonably dangerous defects in motor vehicles can cause serious injury to the driver, passenger or other automobiles you may collide with due to the defect. Under normal use a vehicle is expected to be reasonably safe from defects. The lawyers are Carabin & Shaw can help you determine if a dangerous defect was the cause of your motor vehicle accident. Call us today if you feel you may have a product liability claim.

The publicity of the Bridgestone /Firestone fiasco several years ago made many people aware of the dangers of defective tires. Tire tread can separate, or blow out causing certain vehicles such as SUV’s to rollover or lose control causing serious accidents. What many do not know is that several tire manufacturers are guilty of making these same types of defective tires. Corpus Christi auto accident injury attorneys can help you determine the fault of the manufacturer in tire defect cases. At Carabin and Shaw PC, we look at several factors in tire defect cases, such as proper adhesion techniques of the manufacturer, foreign objects in the tire, and the inclusion of an extra nylon safety belt in the tire to help prevent tread separation. If you or someone you love has been in an accident due to a blow out or tire defect you need the help of skilled Corpus Christi auto accident injury attorneys. The attorneys at Carabin & Shaw, PC are experienced in all aspects of tire defect and product liability cases. Contact our offices today to discuss your situation.

Tires are not the only areas of product liability in motor vehicles. Manufacturers are responsible for the safety performance of their vehicles even if they claim they have taken the necessary steps to assure safety. With the guidance of skilled Corpus Christi auto accident injury attorneys manufacturer liability can be determined for your case. In product liability cases the claimant need not prove the carelessness of the manufacturer rather only the faultiness of the product in question. Three conditions must exist to prove the liability of the manufacturer for the accident:

  • An unreasonably dangerous defect in the vehicle caused injury to you as a passenger or driver.
  • The defect caused injury to you while the vehicle was being used in a way that it was intended to be used.
  • The vehicle has not been substantially altered from its original condition when sold.

Corpus Christi auto accident injury attorneys will look at these three areas in you case to determine if you have the right to a motor vehicle defect claim. The attorneys at Carabin & Shaw are experienced in tire defect and motor vehicle defect claims. Call our offices today to discuss your case. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless we resolve your case. Use the form on the right to send us an email.

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