Truck Accidents

Is a truck accident different from an average car accident?

Yes. Because of the size and speed of trucks, truck accidents can involve more severe and potentially catastrophic injuries. After an accident, trucking companies often employ experts to quickly investigate the accident scene. If you are injured in a truck accident , you should retain an experienced personal injury attorney quickly to represent your interests.personal injury lawyers

Truck Accidents – According to NTSB
Many Semi truck accidents and other large truck accidents have occurred because safety rules were broken or driver negligence. Could this accident have been prevented? It is important to know whether important and critical safety rules were followed if an accident has happened involving a large commercial vehicle.

Was driver fatigue involved, speed limits obeyed, engine governors operative? Had the truck passed mandatory inspections? You need the right personal injury lawyer if injury or death was the outcome. We are able to dig up the facts surrounding a truck accident and represent you in these instances.

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Wrongful Death

If an accident causes the death of a loved one of yours, what damages can you recover from the person at fault for causing the accident?

If a loved one of yours dies as a result of someone’s negligence, the person’s survivors (as defined by law) can recover damages including pain and suffering, funeral expenses, medical bills, and the value of the deceased person’s life, including the amount of money the person was likely to earn for the remainder of his or her life expectancy, loss of the enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium of the decedent’s spouse and children.

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