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People love it that millions come to visit Texas and hundreds of thousands more move here every year. The state continues to sprawl and grow upward as more apartment buildings are erected. As a result, traffic has gotten more congested over the past several years.

There’s a lot to like here, from our many attractions to its near-perfect weather. As more people visit and move here, traffic becomes more perilous. Whether it be the freeway at rush hour or the freeway on the weekend, the roads and freeways can become jam-packed with cars.car accident attorneys - carabin shaw

If you happen to be in a vehicle accident, get in touch with a car accident attorney right way to discuss your case. The consultation is free, and you will receive expert guidance on how to proceed.

What you should not do is accept an insurance company’s settlement. Tell the company rep that you need to consult with your lawyer first. Your attorney will advise you about how you can be awarded compensation that will probably be worth much more than that initial settlement. Even if your case does not go to court, your traffic accident lawyer can often negotiate a sizable settlement out of court that can meet your needs.

You also do not want to simply believe the other driver when she/he said it was their fault at the scene of the accident. Drivers often change their minds when they find out how much their deductible is and how high their premiums will rise once they are found at fault. The last thing you’ll need as you recover from your injuries is to be in court without a lawyer and being charged in an accident in which you were the victim, not the liable party.

That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer to stand as your ally. Let him/her fight for your rights and probe all possible sources for compensation, so that you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for medical expenses, lost work time, and even pain and suffering, which can be debilitating.

You also don’t want to take on an insurance company by yourself. They will have top lawyers and expert witnesses, all claiming that you are adequately compensated by its settlement. Let the court decide that after a fair battle between strong attorneys for both sides.

In addition, don’t forget that your injury as a result of the collision could be more serious than you think. Concussion symptoms that don’t go away, neck and back sprains that linger, limbs that might be fractured—all of these will remain with you unless you are given proper medical attention. That attention comes with a high price tag, from scans and tests to rehabilitation and casts.

Don’t let a vehicle accident have a huge impact on your life. Enlist the services of a competent personal injury car accident lawyer and get on with living, without worrying about how much an accident that wasn’t even your fault could cost you.

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