Enormous Insurance Policies

Federal regulations demand that trucking companies secure enormous insurance policies to guard against accidents, injuries, and fatalities that happen because of doing business with big rigs. For this reason, lots of people incorrectly think they’ll be able to receive quick compensation and not deal with more problems. Many times that just doesn’t occur. Since insurance policies for trucks are deemed 50 times more expensive than those pertaining to regular vehicles, the insurance companies will usually spend 50 times more resources and energy to safeguard those policies for their trucks.truck accident attorneys

With all that’s at stake, insurance companies resort to help from their most qualified and savviest insurance adjusters to handle these settlement negotiations. You’ve probably never had to work truck accident claims, but these adjusters are the elite in their world and deal with these claims on a consistent basis. There’s no one on their level when it comes to taking an accident victim, and manipulating them when they’re in a state of shock. Keep in mind, these victims are quick to trust their friendly local insurance agents. These insurance agents give off a fake friendship and try to get the victim to believe they just want to assist them with getting compensation. First off, though, they’ve got to answer some simple questions. The fact is they don’t want to assist them; they just want to improve company profits and turn down their claim. Next, they bombard you with nonstop questions that simply re-word the same statements, non-stop, in hopes of getting you to screw up and confess you were at fault for your own accident. If they can achieve this, then they can get your claim turned down. The less communication you have with the insurance adjuster, the better, so hire a veteran truck accident lawyer and allow your legal counsel to deal with those belligerent questions from insurance adjusters. We attempt to always advise clients that you shouldn’t interact with workers from an insurance company without any lawyer there serving as a buffer. If you hire our firm, our lawyers will assume control of all conversations involving the insurance company and safeguard you from any opportunity for you to admit any wrongdoing.

Sometimes aggressive adjusters will even try to get accident victims to void their right to sue, and as a result, will provide them with a paltry settlement offer. It’s good to not want to be involved with the pain and unknowns that come with a jury trial, but you also don’t want to take an offer that doesn’t adequately assist you for the harm you’ve sustained. Only a lawyer with years of success can make the insurance policy provide an honest settlement because they’re worried about losing more money in the trial. More information here @ https://www.carabinshaw.com/el-paso-18-wheeler-accidents.html

The insurance company will also attempt to dodge liability for your injuries by employing a talented defense team that will attempt to locate legal loopholes and procedural obstacles that will cause inexperienced plaintiffs to hurt their own chances of obtaining compensation. You need a qualified truck accident lawyer who can fight back against the attacks developed by the defense team. Our lawyers have been granted millions of dollars from every well-known insurance company around the nation, and we’ve discovered how to figure out what they may try and do.

Self-Insured Companies can Be More Treacherous

When they don’t buy regular insurance policies, some trucking companies choose to set aside a portion to devote to for insurance when accidents occur. The federal government is regulated by the insurance agency, which states that all businesses must be registered, adjusters get licenses and ethical standards be adhered to. Self-insured businesses, however, don’t encounter the same rules and guidelines. Because of that, self-insured companies have gained an unfavorable reputation for behaving improperly and causing problems for negotiations. When you deal with one of these companies and are attempting to negotiate a settlement, you’ll have to work with an official from the company. When you realize this work probably gets some of their income from a type of profit-sharing, they have more than enough motivation to get your claim rejected. This worker would be basically providing you with some of their paychecks if they allowed you to get the fair restitution you deserve. With their paycheck on the line, self-insured companies will make sure their interests are more considered than the victims and won’t hesitate to use such actions as bullying witnesses, evidence tampering or even threatening victims.

If a self-insured company has attempted to bully you or harass you somehow, then you can make sure this stops with the assistance of a truck accident lawyer. The second we’re retained, our lawyers can get the self-insured companies to work in good faith the threat of legal action.

Truckers Can’t Be Trusted

We always want to believe that people are honest and forthright, but the truckers who harm you with their negligence have plenty of reason to choose to lie. If a trucker has been deemed to have harmed others while driving in a negligent fashion, then they will likely be pink-slipped in no time, if they haven’t been fired already. Moreover, a negligent trucker will discover that it’s virtually impossible to land another job with such an awful black mark like that on their record. When you consider the job market and state of the economy, many basic upstanding and honest truckers will resort to lying to protect their jobs and managed to take care of their families. To get the compensation you want, you’ll have to prove the trucker was engaged in lying.

Our truck accident lawyers have grown in investigating and finding the pertinent evidence in spotting the trucker’s unethical behavior. We will take apart the trucker’s credibility with all the key evidence that will destroy his or her lies.

In the same fashion that insurance adjusters will try to influence victims into confessing their own negligence with incessant questions, our truck accident attorneys will form a series of questions for the deposition with the purpose of making the trucker slip up and admit their own lie. The truck accident lawyers at our firm have deposed several thousand witnesses during the last 20 years, and we know how to develop the proper questions to show exactly what the trucker is trying to do.

How We Can Help

If you’ve been harmed or a family member has died in a truck accident, you need to hire a truck accident lawyer to guard your legal rights and give you assistance for the help you deserve. From the first steps in the process to when the final resolution is announced, our lawyers handle every facet involved in your case and we’ll make sure you’re kept abreast about the latest developments when they happen.

Chances are the defense that has already concluded its investigation and concluded its case against you. By hesitating in obtaining a lawyer, you are creating tremendous damage to your ability in receiving the restitution you’re owed. Call us today for a free consultation and to discover how we can help you like countless other Texans.


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